Retired Military Relate to Friendly Fire

By: Carrie Hutton
By: Carrie Hutton

Even with the best in military technologies and extensive training, experts say you cannot eliminate the confusion of wartime.

U.S. troops use markings on vehicles and communication to identify themselves yet, in this war, soldiers are fighting an enemy resorting to deception. New reports say the Iraqis are even using civilians as human shields.

Retired Colonel, Dennis Denzin said the enemy forces are becoming more and more unpredictable.

"We know they've stockpiled American military uniforms so what is to say they won’t put their own people in U.S. uniforms. They have already used families out in front of fighters,” Denzin said.

Denzin said in the fog of war, troops have to focus first and foremost on saving themselves and their unit. He said sometimes exercising too much caution can be detrimental to the troops.

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