Mountain Lion Spotted in Portage County

For most people living in the country, seeing some wildlife in your yard is an everyday occurrence. It is for Bob Adams and Linda Napgezek too, but they can add another rare animal to their list.

Early Sunday morning Bob walked outside with Linda behind him. As Bob looked up, he saw a huge cat at the edge of their yard, about 30 feet away.

The cat immediately bounded off into the miles of woods and ravines abutting their property.

Bob has a degree in natural resources and he says he definitely knows the difference between a mountain lion and a bobcat.

Linda saw the lion from further away, and she says it was the size of a deer, but "its tail was as long as my couch".

Linda leaves leftover food out for the animals and the Napgezeks think her chili attracted the mountain lion.

The Napgezeks say the miles of woods behind their house is the perfect habitat for a big predator to live in.

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