Two Fall Through Ice Under Snake Bridge

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Two people fell through the ice underneath Wausau's Cleary Bridge, known as the Snake Bridge, Saturday morning.

"There was a four-wheeler coming across the ice this morning," said Mike Steiber, who says he saw the accidents, "and that individual broke through.

"Another one came along in a different area, and broke through." Steiber said.

The ice fisherman says the conditions under the bridge seem to be changing rapidly, because he had seen a mini-van drive through the same area just days before. Fortunately, there were people nearby who were able to help the victims.

"One guy belly-crawled out there and grabbed his arm and pulled him out," Steiber said, remembering the first incident. "And it was similar with the second individual."

Fortunately, the two people who fell through the ice did not suffer serious injuries.

There is still a hole from where one of the four-wheelers went through, but snowmobilers have been able to drive through the area since the accident.

"A snowmobile if they're driving at high speeds, they can skip over open water." Steiber said.

However, Marathon County Sheriff's Deputies say it's best to steer clear.

Though the area underneath the Snake Bridge is not marked off at the moment, Marathon County Sheriff's deputies say it is dangerous.

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