Preventing Check and Credit Card Fraud

When you're shopping this holiday season, if your cashier doesn't take time to verify your checks or credit cards, police say they should. It could end up costing you more in the long run.

At Best Buy in Rib Mountain, managers say protecting the customer is a top priority. That's why every employee is trained to validate every transaction at his or her register, no matter how busy it gets.

The policy is designed to stop anyone from illegally using your checks or credits cards. Still, not every store follows these simple rules.

"Unfortunately not. I wish everybody would take the same precautions because it is for the protection of the consumer," said Denise Zoltowski, Best Buy Operations Manager.

If stores don't prevent fraud, any losses can ultimately be passed onto the consumer. Meaning, higher prices for items you want to buy.

Local police say there is more check and credit card fraud every year. So, especially with the holiday shopping season already in full swing, they are encouraging all merchants to verify buyer's identity.

"What our request is to merchants, that they look at those issues as an obligation on their part," said Chief Neil Strobel from the Merrill Police Department.

Wausau Police tell NewsChannel 7 that they've seen more local stores step up their security policies in the past two years, because of the increase in check and credit card fraud.

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