Single Parenting

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

Even with two parents, raising kids can be a struggle. For moms and dads who have to do it alone, however, the job can be twice as hard.

With soccer games, chess matches, and other extra-curricular activities after school, parents say they have a tough time keeping up with their kids. They say this is especially true if an active child is not old enough to drive.

Melissa Pilgrim is a guidance counselor at Marathon Elementary. She says she sees how much parents can go through.

"They pick them up from school," Pilgrim says. "Maybe they bring them back to practice. They attend their games."

Penny Uekert is a single parent. She has two children, and says there is no magic secret to balancing work and family. She says it's all about making choices.

"I think you just take it day by day. I think when that time comes, you make the decisions to do what you have to do and make the changes that you have to make," said Uekert.

Some single parents in the Wausau area are trying to get together a support group for parents in their same situation. The idea is to give parents a chance to share with others what they are going through, and maybe give themselves a break.

People who would like more information can call the Shepherd's House at 581-7911, and leave a message.

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