Stabbing Victims Shocked But Recovering

By: Sabrina Wu
By: Sabrina Wu

A father and son stabbed by a group of people outside their own home are out of the hospital and recovering. They say about seven people showed up outside their Wood County home early Saturday morning, and attacked them.

Eighteen-year-old Danny Deegan says he knows the people that stabbed him and his dad. What he doesn't know is why.

"Supposedly I had said something to one of their girlfriends, offended them or something, says Deegan. "They said that I called her a -***-, but I didn't. I wouldn't say anything like that."

Forty-three-year-old Derrell Deegan was stabbed seven times. One of the wounds on his arm was so deep, the bone was exposed. Still reeling from what happened, Deegan comments that when he was young, people had fights with their hands, not with knives.

He says he had always felt safe in his home, but that the people who did this, just walked right up to his front door, knocked and asked for his son.

"They just said they wanted to talk to me," recalls the 18-year-old. "I just went out there. I don't know why. But I shouldn't have."

"That's scary," shudders Sheila Martin, who lives nearby. "I mean out here, we open our doors. When someone knocks, we don't think twice about being stabbed." Martin says she doesn't really know the Deegans, but had never heard of them being in any kind of trouble.

Seven people took part in the incident on Stefek road, outside the Deegan's town of Cary home. Danny says he recognized them, and believes they were all members of a local gang. He says he himself is not a member of a gang and has never been involved with them.

"I got stabbed in the back, and my dad came out the door," says Deegan. "One of their friends jumped out and started stabbing him in the back."

Danny's father says he saw one of the boys with a baseball bat. He says he tried to take it away, and that's when someone jumped him from behind.

"I didn't even know I'd gotten stabbed until I walked under the light and seen all the blood," the 43-year-old father of three shakes his head as he looks back on that night.

Doctors tell the family that the wounds were about four inches deep. They say that had Derrell or his son weighed less or had less muscle mass, they'd both be dead.

Danny Deegan was able to get the license plate number of the car before it drove away. He called the Wood County sheriff's department and gave them a description of the vehicle. Based on that description, police took the two juveniles and five adults into custody an hour later in the city of Marshfield.

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