Are D.N.R. Searches Going Too Far?

By: Stacy Eckes
By: Stacy Eckes

Deer farmers who had their property and homes searched by the Department of Natural Resources for the Chronic Wasting Disease investigation feel wardens have violated their rights.

Stan Hall, a deer farmer in Portage County, talked about the experience of one farmer he knows.

"Women and children crying while seven wardens are going through your house ripping the cupboards apart," Hall said.

"In that case, the family was just preparing to go to religion classes and the wife and children were detained. They wouldn't let them leave until their purses were checked," said Gary Nelson, the president of Whitetails of Wisconsin.

"If there were inspections or if audits were conducted, they were reasonable. They were necessary," said Karl Brooks, D.N.R. public relations.

Whitetails of Wisconsin represents more than 200 deer farmers in the state. It has hired attorneys to investigate whether farmers' rights have been violated.

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