There's a wonderful understanding between you and a certain person today, in which there's almost no need for words. You seem to be connecting on other levels, perhaps through intuition or telepathy. However, try to keep your feet on the ground about this, especially if this person always makes your heart beat faster even though you're friends rather than partners. Don't let wishful thinking mislead you or raise your hopes too high.


There's a very easy going atmosphere between you and the people you encounter at work today, whether these are bosses, colleagues or customers. You're making a big effort to keep on the right side of everyone you encounter, and you may also make allowances for certain people if they're behaving badly. You could be inspired to improve the appearance of your surroundings at work, even if that only means putting a vase of flowers on your desk.


It's easy to float off into a world of your own today, especially if you're dreaming of a certain person or they're holding your hand. Bliss! Although you're normally quite a realist, you're feeling much more idealistic right now and won't want to hear or see anything that's unpleasant, disturbing or scary. You'd rather pretend that such things don't exist.


You're in a wistful mood today, and could easily find that you're staring into space, lost in a wave of nostalgia. This won't be much help if you're supposed to be getting on with your work, but that's just the way your mind is working right now. However, you'll really come into your own if you can let your imagination run riot because it will produce some inspired thoughts.


You're a magnet for friends and partners today because you're sending out such warm and considerate vibes. So don't be surprised if someone decides to confide in you or they make it plain that they're one of your biggest fans. Even if you're just chatting to someone you'll be able to create a very cosy and safe atmosphere.


Being born under the sign of Virgo means you have an innate interest in health and hygiene, and today you're eager to put your money where your mouth is. It will be a real pleasure for you to invest in something that will boost your health, even if it's only a toothbrush or a bottle of aromatherapy oil.


You're in the mood for romance, whether you get it by being with your beloved or by watching a film that tugs at your heartstrings. You won't want to get involved in anything that's too near to reality or which involves facing up to unpleasant facts. You're highly creative right now and will enjoy expressing yourself through an artistic medium.


Someone is in a gently befuddled state today, making it difficult to get through to them. Your words may go in one ear and out the other, or they might be much more interested in telling you about their latest dream or an episode from their past. Believe it or not, you may also be in a rather preoccupied mood now, and not nearly as on the ball as you might imagine. Never mind!


Show your empathy for someone today. They'll be really grateful, especially if they're feeling out on a limb now. You could become interested in a humanitarian or philanthropic project and want to give it your support, or you might do your bit to help a local venture become a success. If you can spare the time you'll love a trip to the cinema or theatre.


You're happy to help anyone who's in trouble today. That might mean dropping a few coins into a charity collecting tin, giving some money to a beggar or doing your best to help an associate who's going through a tricky patch. You should also spare a thought for an older friend or relative who would be thrilled to hear from you, or even better to see you in person.


You're in quite a mystical and spiritual mood today, delving into otherworldly concerns. You might want to find out more about a religion or philosophy that appeals to you, or talk to someone who seems to be in tune with unseen forces. You'll also enjoy visiting a place that has a sacred atmosphere or which is steeped in history, to set your imagination racing.


You're very tuned into other people today, and the more you care about them the greater the psychic connection you'll have with them now. You may even know what they're thinking without them having to say anything, but take care not to make gigantic assumptions about them that are based more on wishful thinking than your instincts.

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