You're happiest if you can be left to your own devices today, because you have a lot to think about. It might help to write down your feelings, but don't forget to destroy what you've written if you don't want anyone else to read it. The last thing you should do now is to leave private or emotionally subjective documents lying around for others to see.


The more sociable you can be today, the happier you'll feel. It's not a day to lock yourself away without seeing a soul unless you don't have any choice in the matter. Friends and acquaintances are good fun and will bring out the best in you. If you're taking part in a group gathering, you'll want to do your bit to make sure it all goes well and you may even take the lead at some point.


Yikes! Someone has a real urge for power and they want to bend you to their will. They won't be very pleased if you refuse to play ball, but do you really want to feel that you're the puppet and they're pulling the strings? Of course not! It may be politic to make yourself scarce until they've calmed down again and are no longer being so controlling.


This is a good day for showing off your brainpower, whether you do it through study, by testing your wits with a puzzle, or in the course of a conversation. You have an enquiring mind right now and will enjoy researching a subject in detail. You are likely to hear from someone who lives overseas, perhaps when they ring for a chat or send you an email.


If you've been trying to push a grievance or resentment to the back of your mind, it will make its presence felt today. Perhaps it's a loved one who's so keen to dredge up the past? Either way, you should do your best to deal with the facts rather than to indulge in emotionally-charged accusations or dramatic scenes. These may feel satisfying at the time but they won't help the underlying problem one bit.


After yesterday's tongue-tied troubles, it's a relief to be able to communicate properly again today. It's an opportunity to tidy up any loose ends and to make sure that everyone is fully in the picture. A social outing will be good fun now, or you might simply choose to go for a long walk with a certain person and get some fresh air into your lungs.


Make a big effort to get on well with some of the people that you see on a daily basis. This might be colleagues, neighbors or close friends. Maybe you could invite some of them round for a drink or a meal, or suggest that you go out together so you can get to know one another better. You might also hit on some money-making ideas connected with your job.


Do something sociable today! It's exactly what you're in the mood for, especially if you can be with some of your favourite people. You'll have a lot to say to them, but make sure they get a word in edgeways every now and then otherwise they'll think you aren't interested in what they're up to. It's also a great day for immersing yourself in creative and artistic projects.


An old problem rears its ugly head again today. It needs to be sorted out quickly before it causes resentment or pent-up fury. If you find that you're seething about something that belongs to your past, examine it carefully to find out why you're still so angry about it. Is it part of a pattern that you keep repeating? If so, you need to think carefully about what's going on and why.


Mix with plenty of different people today because you'll have some very interesting and lively conversations. You might even get involved in a discussion that stretches your mind and forces you to think along very logical lines. Get out your diary because you might receive an exciting invitation or issue your own.


You're feeling more clear headed and sure of yourself today, which comes as a relief after yesterday's difficulties. If necessary, check what you did yesterday in case you didn't do it properly or missed out something vital. It's a good day for talking to people who are in authority over you or whose opinion you respect, because they'll have some interesting things to say.


Your mind is working wonderfully well today. Your thoughts are ordered and logical, you're open-minded enough to be able to appreciate other people's points of view and you're gripped by an insatiable curiosity about the world around you. You might simply read the papers from cover to cover, or decide to sign up for a class or course that you can really get your teeth into.

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