The bewildering behavior of a friend or lover has had you scratching your head in perplexity and it's about time you did something about it. Maybe you need to have a quiet word to find out what's going on, or perhaps the writing is on the wall but you've avoided reading it until now. As Mercury dives into dramatic Leo, you now have to face up to reality, difficult and painful as this will be. But it's the only way to resolve what's becoming an increasing problem.


Clear up any domestic problems during next few weeks, as Mercury enters your domestic zone. Why not have a blitz on your home and get rid of some clutter. This is a great chance to clear the decks, whether emotionally or physically, and to enjoy increased energy as a result. You might even be inspired to experiment with some feng shui around your home, just to see if it really works. And you could be in for a pleasant surprise!


If there has been a misunderstanding between you and a certain person recently, it's important that you sort it out during the coming weeks as Mercury enlivens your third house of communication. At least start to talk about it rather than pretend that it hasn't happened. You might also have to reach a decision about a child's education or their current situation. Weigh up all the pros and cons before coming to any irrevocable conclusions.


Your finances need careful attention from today, particularly if you've been ignoring them recently. Grit your teeth and sort things out properly, especially if that means paying a few bills or ridding yourself of some unhelpful financial habits. If you've overspent this month you'll now have to face the music and decide on your best course of action.


As communicative Mercury enters your sign, you identify with ideas that reflect your thoughts, or that provide a more aggressive or perhaps a more dramatic forum in which you can express yourself. The increased self-focus can inspire you to reach higher levels of imagination and originality. You can also take the ideas of others and add your input to create something entirely different and unique. If the matter of purchasing a car or travel tickets happens to arise during this period, you may have a greater urge to indulge in a more expensive automobile and first class tickets.


Over the next three weeks or so, you may become involved with information or activities that must be kept confidential. With Mercury stimulating your twelfth house, gathering information about the past or contact with people from your past is also a possibility. Messages you receive may be very subtle or contain hidden meanings meant only for you. Follow your intuition, get in touch with your subconscious, and pay closer attention to your dreams.


Tidy up any loose ends in your love life during the next three weeks as Mercury dances in your house of friends, hopes and wishes. Maybe you need to sort out a problem with your love, or you need to work out what a certain someone really means to you, especially in your career environment, where opportunities could lead to better income. Communication with friends should improve. This will also be an excellent time to put the finishing touches to any creative project that you're working on, so you can then embark on something new.


It's time to assess the progress of your long-term goals. However, you'll have to be honest with yourself, otherwise the whole thing will be a waste of effort. So evaluate all your current projects to see how they're progressing. If you realize that your heart is no longer in something, it will be far better to jettison it now than to continue with it because you're scared of what people will say if you abandon it. Do what you know is right and let them say what they like.


Certain situations aren't nearly as cut and dried as you might like to think. So do your best not to fall into the trap of thinking that a delicate problem is easy to solve. As Mercury enters fiery Leo, it will be easier to structure the issues and to get your point of view across. But be diplomatic; if you have to eat your words at some point, you might get mental indigestion.


Pay attention to your finances as Mercury heads into your eighth house, especially if you've been pushing monetary matters to the back of your mind. Make sure that all your financial arrangements are running as smoothly as possible, and do something about it if they aren't. For instance, if you're fed up with the so-called service offered by your bank, you may decide that it's time to take your custom elsewhere.


Mercury's move to Leo will have a dramatic impact on your life during the coming weeks because it's telling you to sort out any difficult situations and do something constructive about them. For instance, if you don't like where you're living you may decide you have to take action, whether that means starting to look for a new home, or altering your attitude to the situation if you can't do anything else about it.


Mercury is urging you to sort out anything that's been bothering you recently, before it gets any worse or starts to cause you sleepless nights. Being a Piscean means you're very good at procrastinating and turning a blind eye to anything unpleasant, but during the coming weeks you need to face up to what's going on in your life and take constructive action over it. Start right now!

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