SPECIAL REPORT: Into the Woods

Updated: 9:34 PM - Bailey Bootz loves to hunt. "My dad got me into it, like my dad has always been into hunting so I guess I kind of went with him," she said. And make no mistake, this 13 year old has quite the shot. "I've shot two does, when I was 10 I got my first doe and then I got one last year," she said, "It's like really exciting, when I was 10 and saw the deer and it's like your heart's pounding so hard and it's just really exciting and nerveracking."

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A Pre-Thanksgiving Feast Workout

Posted: 9:17 PM - Before people filled their Thanksgiving plates, they opted to burn off a few calories and help out a good cause.

Madison Police Question Benefits of Body Cameras

Posted: 5:39 PM - As a growing number of police departments nationwide equip officers with body-worn cameras, Madison police are issuing a report that questions some benefits of the devices.

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